Looking for a photo store near Oceanside?

We’re the photo store for people near Oceanside who are serious about photography, or want to be.  Sure, we sell all types of digital cameras and memory cards.  But we also sell film cameras and a full line of photographic gear along with extensive printing and restoration services. In addition, we service & repair digital & film cameras and lenses.

In business in Encinitas – near Oceanside since 1983 we’ve kept up with the march of technology while remaining in touch with the core of photography.  With the renewed interest in film growing we’ve come full circle.  Our photographic knowledge lets us advise our customers on the purchases and services that best suit their interests and needs.  We also close the gap between the old and the new with our image archiving services, transferring older media to digital and providing custom prints from digital, negative, and slide sources.  That includes photo restoration & transferring home movies and video tape onto DVD’s.

Camera and Accessory Sales

Our store stocks a broad range of leading-brand new and used cameras, from point-and-shoot digital and 35 mm cameras to advanced digital and 35 mm SLRs.  That even includes 120 format cameras.

Our wide variety of camera accessories includes:

  • new and used lenses, including wide-angle and telephoto,
  • tripods,
  • camera bags and backpacks,
  • lighting equipment, light stands, and reflectors, and
  • camera batteries and chargers.

We stock memory cards as well as color and B&W film, even Polaroid and Fuji Instax film.

You’ll also find a great selection of binoculars.


Printing Services

Our many services include 35 mm color and black-and-white film developing.  But we offer much more than standard film developing and printing.  Our archiving, printing and restoration services include the following:

  • We can archive old photos, negatives, and slides by scanning them into digital files and burning them on to CD or UBS drives.  You can then share them on the web and know they won’t fade with time.
  • We’re experts at restoring damaged photographs with virtually undetectable photo retouching and editing.  Many customers have told us that these restored images became treasured gifts to parents and partners.
  • Our film scanning equipment can also transfer 8mm and 16mm film as well as VHS and video tapes to DVD and other digital formats.  You can then share and view them on any digital device.
  • Our custom printing spans the range from wallet-sized prints to large murals.  We can work from memory cards, negatives, slides, and existing prints in color or B&W.  We also perform photo mounting.


Camera Repair & Service

We also have the expertise and resources for quality camera repair, sensor cleaning and lens repair.

Our staff loves sharing their photographic knowledge and offer camera classes and photography lessons.  They can take you from a rank beginner to understanding all the settings and features today’s equipment has to offer and start you on the road to striking and artistic photography.

Need a passport or visa photo?

Or a business portrait?  We’ll take these professional head-shots for you.  We can provide professional quality passport and visa photos and business portraits at reasonable prices.


Photography Classes

Read from happy customers.

“I forgot my light stands when I came to Carlsbad for portraits. I was recommended to head over to this camera shop. Low and behold, they had to light stands that I purchased. Saved me from embarrassment. The guy there was very cordial and nice.”

Bob K.

“I went in to get my Canon 70 D checked out to see if I need my sensor cleaned. I didn’t get the guy’s name but he was really helpful. He told me everything looked ok. He went as far as blowing out any dust. Great customer service. I’ll be a return customer soon.”

Ben B.

“Went there to have a picture enlarged and printed. Pretty easy, e-mail the picture to them and they did the rest. Done in a few days, the pictures were beautiful and the cost little. Definitely will return.”

Tom W.

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