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Starting over 35 years ago (1983) The Photo Center has followed technology trends from film to digital… and a recent trend back to film for many.  We stay informed so we can keep you informed.  Our decades of photographic knowledge help you get the most out of today’s fantastic quality digital cameras as well as help those who choose explore the art and technology of film cameras.  As always we offer camera, camera accessories, and photographic gear sales along with printing and restoration services.  And much more.  All less than 10 minutes from Solana Beach.

New & Used Camera and Accessory Sales

You’ll find just about everything related to photography at the Photo Center, from memory cards to SLR cameras and hard-to-find lenses.  Here’s an outline of our store display and inventory.

·      New and used digital cameras, from inexpensive point-and-shoot to professional SLR models

·      Memory cards

·      New and used film cameras, classic 35mm SLR and 120 formats, as well as easy-to-use 35mm models

·      Film — color as well as B&W and even hard-to-find Polaroid and Fuji Instax

·      New and used lenses

·      Camera accessories

·      tripods

·      camera bags and backpacks

·      batteries and chargers


·      Lighting equipment, light stands, reflectors, and other photographic gear

Printing Services

Our experience, expertise, and access to the latest processing equipment allows us to offer top-quality developing, printing and restoration services to Solana Beach hobbyists and professionals.  We’re also able to transfer just about any film format into digital formats.

·      Scan old photos, negatives, and slides into a variety of file types.  This provides an archive immune to fading, scratches, tears, and other damage.  And you can share and view them on any digital device.

·      For photographs already in less-than-perfect shape our skills and aesthetic eyes provide exceptional digital retouching and editing for realistic restoration.

·      We can also transfer 8mm and 16mm film as well as video tape to modern digital formats, including DVDs and mp4 files.  You’ll have the flexibility and convenience of digital without risking damage to the originals.

·      In addition to film developing (B&W as well as color) we offer the full range of print options.

·      Wallet-size to truly mural scale enlargements, and everything in between

·      Prints from negatives, slides, and existing photos

·      Professional mounting 

Camera Repairs & Passport Photos etc.

Our other hard-to-find services include the following:

  • Camera and lens repairs.  With decades of experience, we can rescue your favorite film camera, as well as repair many problems with digital cameras.
  • Passport and visa photos.  We’re nearby to Solana Beach and there’s no long lines or waiting.
  • Business portraits.  Why pay studio high prices when we have friendly service and professional results.
  • Camera classes and photography lessons.  There’s a lot more to taking great pictures than you can get from a user’s manual or reading a book or two.  Our hands-on classes will show you when and how to use all the features on your camera as well as proper framing and composition, dealing with back lighting, using depth-of-field for portrait effects, and much more.


Photography Classes

Read from happy customers.

“I forgot my light stands when I came to Carlsbad for portraits. I was recommended to head over to this camera shop. Low and behold, they had to light stands that I purchased. Saved me from embarrassment. The guy there was very cordial and nice.”

Bob K.

“I went in to get my Canon 70 D checked out to see if I need my sensor cleaned. I didn’t get the guy’s name but he was really helpful. He told me everything looked ok. He went as far as blowing out any dust. Great customer service. I’ll be a return customer soon.”

Ben B.

“Went there to have a picture enlarged and printed. Pretty easy, e-mail the picture to them and they did the rest. Done in a few days, the pictures were beautiful and the cost little. Definitely will return.”

Tom W.

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